Furthering Dr. Emoto’s research, Gerald Pollack, PhD, another water researcher from the University of Washington had a scientific explanation for Emoto’s findings. The key to Dr. Pollock’s hypothesis lies in the properties of water. The water molecules unique bonding structure enable them to become structured in arrays when they interact with charged surfaces such as those presented by proteins. Water stays in the cells adhered to the proteins because of its structured patterning and he hypothesized that the energy of positive and negative emotions affects the structure of the 4th phase of water (energy transformation) differently therefore being able to alter the shape of the water crystals. Hence, the input into water (light, emotions & thoughts, words & images, prayer & meditation, healing energy, psychic power) can equal the output from water (electric energy, physical movement, biochemical reactions, self-healing power, immune modulation, connection to energetic bodies).

Essential oils

Second, the ESSENTIAL OILS are the essence of the plants they were distilled from. They are extremely complex mixtures containing compounds of several different functional-group classes. The chemical constituents of the essential oils, their flavor, and taste act both alone and in synergy, always determining a global psychosomatic action. The main therapeutic activities of the essential oils are reported as spasmolythic, revulsive, anti-inflammatory and decongestant, immunomodulant, antimicrobial, antimycotic, expectorant, mucolythic, antioxidant, psychotropic, analgesic, and acaricide.

So not only do their respective compounds have a potent clinical effect on the body individually and in synergy as well as through the application method, but they are also the energetic distilled essence of the plant which can by resonance affect our energetic essence.

Meditation & Mantra

Third, MEDITATION & MANTRA ENERGY can literally change your life. The scientific effects of meditation on the brain waves, pain, inflammation, mood, and emotional states have all been documented. From an esoteric point of view, meditation works to deepen the breath and automatically increases our ability to concentrate, and as the mind becomes clearer, new kinds of perceptual information appear to us as our outer awareness expands. We begin to see with new eyes, hear with new ears, and understand reality in new ways.

While Mantra Meditation is not as widely studied for its potency, we have personally witnessed changes in our own lives and thousands of practitioners have used mantras for thousands of years. So while studies are limited and our experience is only anecdotal, the potency of mantras can not be understated and we encourage you to experience them first hand yourself.

The word “mantra” comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and literally translates as “tool of the mind”. Mantras are ancient energetic and spiritual formulas that have been recited and practiced for thousands of years to work in very specific ways to reduce karma, and attune the mind, body, and spirit of the adept to the various invisible energies that exist in the Universe.

Repeating any sound produces an actual physical vibration. As described above, we can see how that energy can be captured and held within the water molecule. Mantras are very powerful formulas in that they correspond to a very specific spiritual energy-frequency and also a state of consciousness in seed form that when practiced begins to grow.