What our Customers are saying…

“I love these blends! The Anxiety blend roller works its magic every time I feel emotionally dysregulated. I rub it on my inner wrists, inhale a few times and instantly feel more relaxed, calmer and can handle whatever life throws at me. Thank you!!”

-Angela (Los Angeles, CA)

“Comforting and calming. The Manifest Abundance roll-on blend helps me to shift my thoughts and energy so I can manifest more positive situations into my life. Also, I like that these are free from any unnatural ingredients and I can fit the roller into my purse and use it anywhere. Thanks! :)”

-Allison (Thousand Oaks, CA)

“I am deathly scared of flying and get anxiety anytime I have to get on a plane so I basically try to avoid flying all-together. No more! After skeptically trying the Anxiety blend roll on flying was NO PROBLEM! I also have the Open Heart Spray Blend. I call it my “magic potion”. It helps me breathe and relax and my 5 year old daughter has a stress related stuttering problem due to a recent divorce. She was stuttering and I asked her if I could spray my magic potion on her and her stuttering stopped immediately! Thank you Resonance!”

-Alexis (Torrance, CA)

“I am 75 year old woman and began chanting mantras with my husband about 6 months ago. Whenever I would chant, my throat would feel like it was going to close up and was very uncomfortable, only while chanting! After talking to come people and my meditation teacher, they suggested it could be my throat Chakra, so i looked online for something that could help me with my throat Chakra. I found Resonance online and purchased the Throat Chakra blend. I began spraying my self near my throat before and after chanting and it began to soothe my throat problem! Amazing! Interesting follow up to that was that a month later we moved and I packed up the two blends I have (open heart and throat Chakra) with bubble wrap, and when we arrived at our new home, the throat Chakra bottle had broken, even though it was well packed. I wonder if this has to do with my throat Chakra releasing? i will definitely continue to use Resonance! They are magical thanks!”

-Estela (Malaga, Spain)

“The RESOLVE KARMA spray blend is my favorite! I feel like a lot of my problems are karma related and I am determined to resolve my karmic knots in this lifetime to improve my life. I try to be nice to everybody in my walk of life which is a great start but I felt like I needed something else to help push it along. I never leave home without a spray or to to set up my day to resolve my karma with intention and spray it before bed and before meditation or yoga classes. I also kinda love the smell of Mandarin. Plus it helps wake me up when Im studying! Bonus! Awesome product! Thanks!”

-Roger (Los Angeles, CA)

“Hi I just wanted to leave a note for others in a similar position as me. I am 27 and have had these abdominal cramps and vague discomforts for the last 6-12 months. I have gone to all kinds of doctors, done blood work, and nothing seemed to help or they couldn’t figure it out. Someone mentioned Resonance to me in a yoga class so i tried the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA blend. I have been spraying it directly onto my solar plexus area of my abdomen and massaging it in while intending for it to resolve. Its only been one month so far and I must say its about 80% resolved. I was simply amazed. Its amazing how much of what we experience is energetic!

-Megan (Austin, TX)

“Just wanted to leave a testimonial to thank you for this miraculous product! I love the Anxiety Blend! I am an acupuncturist and work in the rehab field with patients that have a lot of anxiety, PTSD, depression, mania, and are sometimes very difficulty to manage and many of them are scared of the needles! Since Ive been either spraying them with the anxiety blend or using it on their ears, wrists, and feet, they remark an almost immediate relaxation and then they allow me to insert acupuncture needles with great success! My sensitive general acupuncture patients also love it as it helps their anxiety prior to needling. I highly recommend these oils to any acupuncturist or anyone working in the rehab field. Life saver! Thanks!

-Melanie (Acupuncturist)