·         How are the blends supposed to be used?

All the RESONANCE blends are made of pure organic ingredients. The 4 oz mister blends are essential oils mixed with water so the oils will swim at the top of the bottle. So before each use, shake the bottle to mix the oils with the water before spraying.

Once shaken, mist your aura/energy body from about an 18 inch distance in the head and shoulders area. Usually 1-3 sprays are sufficient. Take some deep breaths and center yourself in your intention. All blends have specific instructions listed on the bottle so refer to the bottles for specific recommendations. You may also spray the blends directly onto the respective chakra center and massage into skin.

Use the blends as often as needed throughout the day to elicit a shift in the emotions and body. Combine with your other inner transformation tools and spiritual practices: yoga, meditation, journaling, etc.

The roll-on blends

are intended to roll directly onto skin (inner wrists, behind ear, bottom of feet, third eye, neck), as well as smelling them directly out of the bottle. They are small so they carry well in your pocket or purse for continued use.

CAUTION: While these oils are completely safe, pure, and organic, they are contraindicated for pregnancy and in some cases side effects can occur such as rashes. If they do occur, discontinue their use as you may be allergic to one of the ingredients.

·         How long does the energetic charge hold in the blends?

The energetic charge of the blends should last for the life of the product. However, it is recommended that when not in use you store them near a crystal to hold the charge within the blend. Also there may be impacts from the energetic resonance of the person handling the blend that may degrade its energetic charge over time.

·         Why is there no 7th chakra blend?

You may have noticed that one of the main 7 chakras is not represented by a blend: the 7th crown chakra. This was not an oversight but intentional on our part. We believe that as you work on your other 6 chakras, opening the heart first, and getting all chakras working together, that the 7th will begin to integrate itself naturally. We find that those who are drawn to the 7th chakra, have a natural aversion to the lower chakras, especially the root chakra, which should be addressed.

·         Are your essential oil blends organic?

Our essential oils are pure, organic, and sourced from local artisan locations. These oils are not standardized or in any way adulterated. They are medical grade and are used in our medical clinics internally under medical supervision, though we recommend using them only for external use and rubbed into the skin.

·         How do I order Wholesale?

We offer wholesale as well as professional practitioner accounts to those who qualify. Please navigate to our dedicated wholesale page for more information for how to sign up and order.

·         How does your affiliate program work?

We also offer an Affiliate Program, currently under Beta version. Please navigate to our dedicated Affiliate Program page to learn more.