Affiliate Program


RESONANCE Affiliate Program

At RESONANCE, we want you to be excited about our Essential Oil blends, and we also want you to be rewarded when you spread the word. Balance and reciprocity are two concepts that are part of our company culture and we take giving back very seriously.

Our Affiliate Program is currently in Beta version under construction. In the meantime we still want you to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

How it works:

We will give you one blend of your choice at a discount so you can try it for yourself and get excited about the potency of the RESONANCE blends. We will also give you a unique code that you can use to invite your friends, family, social media outlets and blogs/websites to let others know about your personal experience using the blends and how they can purchase them. They get a discount and you get paid every time they use your unique code. And spread lots of #Resonance love (don’t forget to follow us on Instagram). Its that easy.

Email us today to get your discounted blend of choice and a unique RESONANCE Reward Code to start earning today!

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