Our Mission

The mission of RESONANCE, is to provide healing tools to support the processing of experience and emotions that are stuck in the body causing the health and life of the individual to deteriorate or remain stuck and un-helpable. True transformation requires an honest look within, with courage and awareness through meditation, prayer, yoga, etc. in order to be ones best authentic self. It is our sincere intention that the alchemy within every bottle of RESONANCE can assist you in your transformational work and healing journey as you self realize yourself and work through your patterns that no longer serve you.

Welcome to the RESONANCE journey into yourself.

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It all started when…

The seed of what was to become RESONANCE began long ago. Founder Emmanuel Sargenti, L.Ac. was always intrigued and studied the patterns of what made up the human condition, first through the lens of astrology, and later as a physician of Chinese and Functional Medicine. He would read the astrological charts of his clients as an astrologer, and in his private medical practice saw hundreds of patients over the years and always noticed a “resonance” between what they were experiencing in their state of health, relationship to the world around them. It was more evident to see these patterns emerge with chronic disorders that slowly eroded their organ functions or immunity, but over time it became evident that even “random” occurrences such as accidents were not random at all but rather unprocessed human experience. The longer life’s experiences were unprocessed he found, the “louder” the implications to their wellbeing. He concluded at that at its core, the human being was a sort of “emotional generator” through the varied experiences they encountered in their life.

Deeply listening to his patients life stories not just their medical complaints gave him deep insight into the web of this human processing or lack thereof. He also found it peculiar that sometimes he was able to improve their condition or pain, while others seemed un-helpable. Some patients improved for only a short duration only to regress, as if a larger force were keeping them in their state of resonance. In his quest to find a method of helping his patients clear their unprocessed experience and emotions, he stumbled onto essential oils, which could bypass any self imposed blockages to their healing potential and enter the brain and energy field through the olfactory nerve to affect a powerful change in their state of being. After years of carefully creating his energetic formulas, testing them with his patients and refining them until they struck a perfect balance, that is when RESONANCE was born.

every action and reaction, creates a vibrational ripple into the Universe, that goes on to affect everything and everyone around us
— Emmanuel Sargenti, LAc

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Our unique creation process

We begin with clean water that we revitalize into water that is alive and can hold an energetic charge. From there we mix in a perfectly harmonious blend of potent essential oils that affect specific changes in the body’s chemistry as well as an energetic change from the infused meditative mantra energy. RESONANCE oil blends are made in small batches and take a full lunar cycle to complete the process. While the energy should hold its charge for the life of the product, it is advised to keep a quartz crystal in close proximity to hold the form and charge when not in use.

The Alchemy

The Alchemy in these blends are three fold:

First, the WATER is revitalized and live water can hold an energetic charge through meditation, infusion of crystals, and intention. Researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto wrote extensively about the special attributes of water. In his research, he exposed various water sources to positive and negative words, expressions, music, images and subsequently froze the water in order to photograph the crystals that formed and observe their changes. His research clearly shows that our thoughts, feelings, intentions have an impact on the molecular shape of water and that water can absorb energy as well as conduct energy (you wouldn’t want to use a hair dryer while in a bathtub full of water for this reason.)

Emoto Water Crystal Research

Emoto Water Crystal Research

Second, the ESSENTIAL OILS are the essence of the plants they were distilled from. They are extremely complex mixtures containing compounds of several different functional-group classes. The chemical constituents of the essential oils, their flavor, and taste act both alone and in synergy, always determining a global psychosomatic action. The main therapeutic activities of the essential oils are reported as spasmolythic, revulsive, anti-inflammatory and decongestant, immunomodulant, antimicrobial, antimycotic, expectorant, mucolythic, antioxidant, psychotropic, analgesic, and acaricide.

So not only do their respective compounds have a potent clinical effect on the body individually and in synergy as well as through the application method, but they are also the energetic distilled essence of the plant which can by resonance affect our energetic essence.

Third, MEDITATION & MANTRA ENERGY can literally change your life. The scientific effects of meditation on the brain waves, pain, inflammation, mood, and emotional states have all been well documented in scientific studies, although much more still remains a mystery for now.

Repeating any sound produces an actual physical vibration. As described above, we can see how that energy can be captured and held within the water molecule. Mantras are very powerful energetic formulas that can change the consciousness and in time reality itself.


RESONANCE oils are produced from pure, organic and natural ingredients:

  • The essential oils used in our blends are organic, artisan locally crafted, and unadulterated without any additives.

  • Water: In the mister bottle blends, we use either distilled or reverse osmosis water alkaline water that has been cleared of any and all pollutants to make sure the water is safe and pure. Then we revitalize the water with sea salt and minerals to make it whole again and able to hold an electro-magnetic charge.

  • Organic Jojoba Oil: In our roll on bottles, we use pure organic jojoba oil.

  • Energy; Through our unique alchemical process, we infuse the blends with a high vibration energy that involves meditation.

Do not confuse these blends with simple aromatherapy for making a room smell good. These are potent energetic blends!